With summer in full swing, our Kansas City Architectural Lighting team understands the importance of proper safety.

Kansas City Architectural Lighting

It’s time to get outside and take advantage of the sunshine and long days. Many people use these months to take vacations, throw parties or simply spend time with family and friends. In the midst of all the fun, sometimes the proper summertime precautions can get overlooked.

Here are some great tips to help keep the family safe!


Always keep cold water and fluids on hand, taking regular breaks to drink. Running around in the heat can quickly cause dehydration. Even sitting in the hot sun can be draining. Drink up!

Prevent Sunburn

Avoiding exposure to harmful UV rays is important. Be sure to wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher and reapply generously for extended exposure. Bring a hat to protect the neck and face against painful burns. Also, remember Aloe vera gel is a great option for soothing the skin in the occurrences of sunburns.


The first preventative step is to always keep the grill at least 10 feet away from the house. Keep a safe perimeter around the grill, giving three to four feet around each side. Lastly, never leave the flame unattended, stay vigilant of flare-ups.

Water Safety

Swimming lessons are a must for any family with children to properly enjoy the water. Keep a close eye on those around you, never relying solely on the lifeguard. Most accidents occur with kids running on wet surfaces or falling into the pool.


Keep any campfire within a safe contained area such as a ring or pit. Remember to keep water on hand and completely put out any flames before ending the night. Be safe and follow any contained fire laws.


Protect the family from annoying mosquitos with a good insect repellent. Citronella candles are also great to help avoid bites. Don’t forget about ticks and always check yourself, kids and pets after time spend in the wooded areas.

It is imperative to be preventive, taking all the safety measures into account before these activities to ensure the fullest amount of enjoyment. One aspect often overlooked is the importance of quality lighting throughout the outdoor living area. Strategically placed accent lighting will not only bring a warm, inviting feel to your property but keeps the exterior well lit to prevent accidents and injury. A professional Kansas City Architectural Lighting designer can create a unique and specific design to truly bring out the best in your home. Guests love the ambiance and feel secure as you entertain in the backyard, deck or patio. In addition, when choosing to light near a pool or hot tub it is extremely important to use low voltage fixtures to fully protect against surges.