Our Kansas City location has the secret component to make any special event truly pop: professional outdoor lighting.

Our Kansas City location does a great deal of outdoor lighting around the area for countless commercial and residential special events. They work with many wedding planners and party coordinators to add a luxurious flair to evening celebrations of all kinds. Examples of events that greatly benefit outdoor lighting are weddings, graduations, award ceremonies, holiday parties, corporate events and much more. Professional outdoor LED lighting and string lights for special events can bring that extra something that everyone will talk about for years to come.

Here at NiteLites, we offer top-notch outdoor lighting with the most expert lighting designs out there. So when it comes to that backyard or outdoor venue where you are hosting that magnificent affair during the twilight hours, we can give your event tons of sparkle that will create a very memorable experience for you and your guests. String lights, in particular, are perfect for outdoor wedding venues and are astonishing for wedding photography. You can get lost in the ambiance of the night with picturesque string and patio lights.

We will illuminate a party tent and the property around it so your guests can easily navigate around the premises. This adds an aspect of safety to your evening while generating a fabulous atmosphere thanks to elegantly juxtaposed fixtures that are strategically hung or placed for maximum impact. NiteLites of Kansas City collaborates with many event planners and homeowners on an annual basis to make their outdoor event spellbindingly theatrical. All this backed by an industry leading warranty and incredible customer service.

Our Kansas City Event Lighting team is a member of the Kansas City Home Builders Association, The National Association of Remodeling Industry and the Illuminating Engineering Society. The franchise also sponsors the PGASLA as well as supports Kansas City Home and Garden Magazine.