Our West Chester Landscape Lighting Business recently noticed that the LED revolution has found another foothold as this cutting edge technology is now lighting one of the nation’s most important monuments. On the night of July 7th, many gathered near the statue to see the lighting system in full force. The new system was a full donation from Musco Lighting. Similar systems are used to light the Washington Monument, the Flight 93 National Memorial and even the White House.

Due to the low wattage of LEDs, the energy consumption needed will be reduced by over 50%, not to mention having twice the brightness of the previous lighting system. The lighting is much more efficient with specification fixtures used to show all of the texture and depth. This famous landmark has seen several different sources of light as the technology has evolved. Lady liberty was first lit in 1916 with floodlights. She was later upgraded to incandescent lights and mercury vapor lamps. This next improvement in bulb technology is a greater push to a more environmentally conscious world.

Retrofit with LED

With the highest quality illumination and unmatched durability, LED bulbs are the perfect option when installing a new lighting system. Our low voltage lighting systems are also available to be upgraded to LEDs to keep maintenance costs and wattage low. Many are concerned about color. LEDs do not have to be bright white. Our LEDs are an exact match on color when compared to traditional halogen systems. A professionally designed lighting plan can truly transform the look and feel of your home. The subtle ambiance creates a warm inviting glow with showing off the depth and texture of the architecture. Not to mention the added security and curb appeal that comes with an outdoor lighting system.

In addition, our West Chester Landscape Lighting location is excited to be attending the upcoming National NiteLites conference held in Charleston, SC. The conference is a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in LED technology and the expansion of our industry. The bi-annual meeting is also a great chance to relax and spend time with other franchisees.