It’s that time of year again–pool days, outdoor dinner parties, landscaping, tending to the garden, laying out, having a picnic… the possibilities are endless. Many of us are craving warmth and fresh air after another winter season of being mostly indoors and dealing with less than ideal weather.

One of the best ways to soak up the sun is to go somewhere with a pool area, ideally, your own back yard. If you have a pool at home, you can call NiteLites and have us install our hand-crafted, premier pool area lights so that you are able to fully utilize your outdoor spaces—even after the sun goes down! Here at NiteLites, we offer a multitude of different outdoor lighting services for specific purposes including but not limited to:

TK Torch/String Lighting

Pool Area Lights
TK Torch lights and bistro string lights are both specialty products that we offer. These outdoor lights add just the right amount of ambiance for pool areas and transforms a boring and uninviting space into a beautiful and comfortable one.

Step Lighting

Pool Area Lights
Step lights are another service we offer; these are useful for increasing safety and visual appeal. Accidents can be prevented by installing step lights so that people can see where they are going during late pool nights.

Deck/Patio Lighting

Deck and Patio lights are great for those who love to entertain and spend hours on end by the pool. These pool area lights truly make any ordinary/drab backyard look luxurious and enchanting.

Path Lighting

Path lights help lead the way for everyday life; these lights also complement other styles of lighting such as landscape and architectural. Guests will find them helpful, and so will you when you’re cleaning up for the night after a late pool party.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lights are perfect for your pool area as they illuminate nearby trees as well as adding depth and extra dimension to any outdoor space.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lights highlight your home and other design elements in close proximity to your pool area such as textured exteriors, structural features, walls, gazebos, sculptures, fountains, etc.

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