NiteLites of Naples LED Lighting takes a closer look at the age-old holiday to offer some guidance for the perfect, elegant Halloween.

No doubt the children have a blast this time of year with all the festivities. But this does not mean the décor has to lack sophistication. The adults can have their fun too. Here are a few ideas for a modern, luxurious day of the dead.

Interior Décor

Consider a simple color scheme of silver, black and white for a sleek yet spooky presentation.

  • Metallic adornments such as bones and skulls stand out with tasteful charm.
  • Whicker branches with LEDs incorporated look great and can be added to any room.
  • Hand-carved wooden pumpkins give off a subtle, relaxed rustic vibe.
  • Glassware is trending this season. Chic candlesticks are a great option.
  • Go vintage! Old framed picture and portraits are classy and creepy.

Outdoor Finishes

No need to go crazy and turn the home into a theme park. Keep things sweet and simple to achieve the perfect look.

  • Pumpkins are a must. A nice assortment with creative designs and LED candles add character to the porch or deck.
  • Fall foliage with a range of yellows, oranges and reds are magnificent and encompass the autumn spirit.
  • Accents of pinecones, berries with ribbon can spruce up flowerpots and entranceways.
  • The addition of some ravens to surrounding trees is subtle and eerie.
  • Again, wood-based decorations are a big hit. They are durable and fashionable.
  • Stylish wreaths and doormats are simple, yet easy to make Halloween décor pop.

Unique Party Ideas

If a party is in works, stand out this year with some easy ideas to set your soiree apart.

  • Use faux painted skulls as serving dishes. Stick with a simple color palette to keep the theme elegant.
  • Even use real pumpkins as serving dishes for a rustic feel.
  • Get creative! Give each a dish a spooky title and theme!
  • Costumes are always fun. Give out prizes or awards for the top costumes.

Professional Lighting System

October is here and that officially means the holiday season is around the corner. Presentation of your home is important during these months as the nights get longer and entertaining becomes more frequent. Keeping guests safe on the property can be easily achieved with a landscaping lighting system. With a well-lit exterior, guests with feel secure and welcomed. Home security can be enhanced with building and landscape lights. Pathways, driveways, decks and patios can all benefit from properly placed accent lighting. Not to mention the increased home value and curb appeal.

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