Naples Outdoor Landscape Lighting Company Reveals Expert Tips

NiteLites of Naples Outdoor Landscape Lighting Company shares the best practices for their modern outdoor lighting systems and their industry leading warranty. Generally, a quality product is backed by a warranty. A warranty is a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time. However, just like any contract, it can be broken. That makes knowing what circumstances could possibly void your warranty crucial.

Let’s take a look at some actions that could void a warranty when it comes to landscape lighting systems:

  • Using off-brand parts, or product that was not covered under the original warranty.

Many are able to find similar lower grade parts at a cheaper price, but they aren’t aware that installing these, or even attempting to, can void a warranty. Using the original parts designed for your specific system is always best. Your lighting contractor should be the only one accessing your modern outdoor lighting system for any repair or replacements.

  • Not registering your system.

Some warranties are not active, or valid, until the customer has registered the warranty. Before installation occurs be sure to have a complete grasp on any and all applicable warranties and the processes involved to activate you warranty to your name and property address.

  • Failing to complete annual maintenance.

As is with most anything else, regular maintenance will keep the system in the best working order possible. If system is not regularly maintained that could possibly void the warranty as well. Burying a fixture in mulch can cause the fixture to overheat and destroy the socket making the connection. This would be considered poor maintenance and could possibly void an otherwise good warranty.

  • System improperly installed.

A good, quality lighting system cannot be simply installed by just plugging some lights into an outlet. Electrical wiring and connections all need to be properly connected, electrical currents verified, lighting fixtures installed in the correct places, as well as many other tasks that must be properly conducted to assure efficiency, and minimal wear and tear on the system. If the installer doesn’t do their job correctly that could be cause for a voided warranty. Using lighting contractors that installs their own products can easily avoid this issue.

  • Modifying or altering systems.

As previously mentioned, adding or installing product not listed within the warranty contract will void a warranty. Also, tampering with or replacing the transformer, timer, LEDs or any fixtures could void the warranty.

Keep in mind that many warranties do not cover labor costs for service. The warranties generally cover the cost of just the products themselves. Always remember, whenever there is a need for service a claim must be filed with the warranty provider for the warranty to be honored. Most warranties cover manufacture defects and do cover not acts of God such as events outside human control, like flash floods, earthquakes, or other natural disasters.

Naples Outdoor Landscape Lighting Company Lighting Fixtures

Fortunately, at NiteLites of Naples Outdoor Landscape Lighting Company, their outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories are designed and manufactured to their exact specifications. This means little to no downtime in the event of a warranty claim because the lighting designer – installer is also the manufacturer. This combined with their industry-leading system warranty has created the ultimate convenience in outdoor landscape lighting service. They give a warning to potential buyers to be aware that local landscapers can sell cheaper lights with little to no warranty. So if you are looking for value and longevity, NiteLites has the reputation and the solutions you need to have a quality outdoor lighting system for life.

For more information on NiteLites of Naples Outdoor Landscape Lighting Company or for a free no pressure consultation, call 239-530-0209. You can also submit a request for a professional outdoor lighting estimate online. Reach out and like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. This outdoor lighting franchise also has operations in Ft Myers, FL, Sarasota, FL and Jacksonville, FL.