NiteLites of Nashville Accent Lighting provides some tips on modern design for the interior and exterior of your home.

Still leaning on the hard lines and the simplistic touch, modern designs are now demanding an added organic feel. Building a subtle green environment to evoke a sense raw nature throughout the home is trending in modern designs for both the inside your home, and the outside. Keeping the spaces open with cozy accents provides nice contrast between new styles and maintaining comfort. Below are some quick tips to modern design with organic accents.


Keep style and layout sleek and simple with large open areas. In the past, a great deal of modern design harnessed white as the dominant color within the design. With organic accents now trending, neutral stone colors and textures are being used to soften the strict modern aesthetic. Modest forms and minimalism will keep your home modern, and the organic accents will keep them cozy.

Organic Accents

Incorporate a green, organic feel by inviting nature inside the home. Increase the calmness and tranquility with plant life and self-sustaining designs. Accenting the natural stone colors, add a bright pop of color from nature to continue with the modern appeal. The hardscape of a water fountain outside can be added with an ultra modern look with organic stone forms and shrubbery surrounding it.

Blend with Metals

Contemporary design typically features some kind of metal design, which can take away from the organic feel. By matching rustic blends of metal and organic stone colors, you marry the two and get the best of both worlds.

Harmonize Colors

Begin your color scheme with a neutral base. Choosing a color with nuance and texture makes the rooms appear more as a part of nature than a flat matte look. Compliment the neutral base with a pop of color from nature such as the violet from a lilac bush. Use this pop of color for accent pillows, the trim of the room and even LED lighting for indoor and outdoor accents.

Quality Lighting and Placement

The outdoor design of your home can be complimented fully with professional lighting. This not only extends the time you can spend outdoors, but also makes your home more safe and secure. Colored lens covers and LEDs can give you great holiday lighting accents or just an added pop of color. NiteLites of Nashville Accent Lighting helps to take your exterior design to the next level and allow you to keep the modern look with accents of organic design.