Nashville Landscape Lighting Company, NiteLites, explains the importance of energy efficient lighting for the future of sustainable design.

As summer ends and fall begins, now is the perfect opportunity to spend more time in your outdoor living spaces. These outdoor places are a great spot to spend time with family and friends. These areas also provide a safe place to relax after a long day. As the days get shorter and you are getting all of your outdoor maintenance completed before winter, consider eco-friendly options or more sustainable designs for the brighter future of our Nashville area ecosystem.

One of the easiest ways to make your home’s outdoor spaces more eco-friendly is to blur the lines between the interior and exterior of your home. We all know that opening up your windows or doors is a wonderful way to bring in fresh air. Taking that idea one step further, structural ways to obtain this goal could be a French door that opens to the outdoor living spaces. Alternatively, incorporating interior design ideas into the outdoor area is also a fantastic solution. Things like outdoor sofas, kitchens, fireplaces and other comfortable arrangements make the outdoors just as warm and inviting as the indoor living spaces.

Another way to green your outdoor “room” is to examine the potential of reclaimed and recycled materials for your exterior home projects. Concrete, wrought iron, and even railroad ties are becoming stunning materials to use while improving your green home. You will be surprised how your garden or DIY outdoor home project will be enhanced with one-of-a-kind green and recycled materials.

To enjoy your exterior green spaces in the evening, there is nothing better to add than energy efficient outdoor lighting. Even retrofitting an existing lighting system with eco-friendly LEDs positively impacts the environment. You can carry your eco-friendly lifestyle into your outdoor lighting without compromise to quality or color. Illuminate your walkways, stairs, façade, landscape, gardens, decks and pool areas to create a magical feel without wasting energy or creating light pollution.

When it comes to installing or retrofitting your green space, NiteLites of Nashville Landscape Lighting offers design, installation, service and maintenance for their one-of-a-kind professional lighting systems. NiteLites lighting systems are made to be the last landscape lighting system you will ever buy. Their low voltage lighting fixtures are made of cast copper and brass and acid etched so they will not chip or peel. That fact, coupled with the high-quality professional design, installation, and maintenance offered by NiteLites, results in a spectacular display for your homes green spaces. Beauty, safety, security and expanded living and entertainment space are some of the benefits realized by the installation of a NiteLites outdoor lighting system!

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