Key buying strategies for homeowners looking for real value in top quality lighting design and installation.

Below are some commonly held myths by consumers with helpful buying strategies from Nashville Landscape Lights Company.

Myth: I can get a great, reliable outdoor lighting system for cheap.

Deals are always tempting, and no one wants to pay more for anything. Good negotiation skills are certainly admirable and definitely have value in today’s world. That being said, a good deal isn’t always about the best price and value is more than just about money. Think about it this way – If you think you might be paying too much, you figuratively lose a little bit of money. If you end up paying too little, you could end up losing everything and having to start from scratch on getting that dream outdoor lighting system.

Buying Strategy: Getting several bids and going with the mid to high bid.

A rough economy can be very advantageous to prospective buyers, but challenging to those who sell goods and services. With the threat of meager sales and constant overhead draining companies everywhere, buyers should beware of motivated discounting and low bids. These could come with short sales, poor service; virtually no warranty and big deposits with contractors who tend to disappear. First, consider making your deposit with a credit card that will protect your investment if the contractor does not complete the job. Keep in mind as prices fall, so do service and reliability. Quality landscape lighting is about being around for the life of the lights and never leaving your clients in the dark. Consider the insurance you get with a landscape lighting business that has years serving homeowners as well as national reputation for excellence. Cheap is never good and good is never cheap.

Myth: It’s just not the right time for landscape lighting. I need to think it over.

Granted, there are times when landscape lighting isn’t ready to be installed. If your landscaping isn’t completed, then it isn’t time for landscape lighting. If you have no budget for landscape lighting then it isn’t the right time to move forward with that project. The issue with most homeowners waiting is perhaps that they do not understand that NiteLites systems are expandable, meaning they can grow as the budget allows. Starting off small and growing with time is probably the best method when working on a tighter budget. If you have the full budget for the project, but are hesitant to move forward, that might not be the best idea. As time goes on, and the economy grows, so does the price of goods and services. Getting the same great product and service early on will leave you feeling glad that you went for it, and have your neighbors asking about who did your lights. Call Nashville Landscape Lights Company today for a free consultation!