Nashville Patio Lighting is taking a closer look at energy costs, offering great ways to save money and reduce the carbon footprint.

One of the most important aspects of owning a home is managing daily energy consumption. This can be achieved initially by having a solid building structure with emphasis on quality materials, sealed windows, and proper insulation. It is important to adapt and stay aware of how energy is used to run a household. If you are in the market for the latest green technology, there are many great options to help cut down on energy usage. Homeowners do not need to go to extreme lengths to become more environmentally friendly. Every small step helps when looking to cut costs on energy spending. These innovations can require a big budget and or can be a small weekend project.

Here are some of the great advancements changing the way we use energy!

Solar Power

Solar energy can be used to cool and heat your home while having a small impact on the global climate. Non-renewable energy sources like oil, gas and coal are becoming scarce, so it’s important to take advantage of the sun’s energy. Integrating solar power with other green technologies can allow for enough energy be generated to start selling some back to the utility company. There also are grants, tax breaks and incentives for using solar panels.

Sustainable Material

Using sustainable materials when building can help reduce the impact your property has on the environment. Wood is an excellent source of a renewable resource and even reclaimed wood is great to use for smaller projects. Other natural materials such as cork, bamboo and linoleum can be used for flooring and are all natural resources.

Geothermal heat pump

Upgrading the HVAC unit to cool and heat your home makes a huge difference. Most units beyond ten years can require up to 30% energy. Taking it even further, a geothermal pump is placed underground and uses the earth to help regulate the temperature. These pumps are extremely energy efficient and run quiet.

Energy monitor

Installing an energy monitor is a great choice because they are simple to use and relatively inexpensive. This tool will greatly help reduce energy consumption. It hooks up to a power cable giving a real time reading on how and where the energy is being used. A monitor will help see where to update and improve.

Wind generator

Taking into account where you live, a backyard wind turbine could be a good option to be more eco conscious. These are smaller version of a turbine you might see in wind farms. It converts the energy of the wind into electricity to help power the home.

Energy Star Appliances

These are updated appliances that use significantly less energy and water to operate. This helps save on use and cost. Most of these models of refrigerator, washers and thermostats can conserve anywhere from 15% – 50% on energy.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

When it comes to Nashville patio lighting, it is important to incorporate energy-efficient materials and even more essential to choose a trusted design professional. NiteLites uses only the highest-rated LED bulbs with solid brass fixtures that protect against any form of weather. A unique and specific lighting plan ensures the perfect accent lighting to create a magical ambiance, showing off the true beauty of any home. The benefits of owning a system can be seen immediately. The warm LED glow produces unmatched curb appeal that improves property value. Proper lighting greatly increases security and general safety by deterring intruders and helping to reduce any accidents. Let NiteLites show you the difference by taking advantage of the free consultation for any new design!