Coastal Outdoor Light Fixtures by NiteLites Outdoor Lights are engineered and manufactured to withstand harsh salty ocean air.

Living by the ocean is a dream come true for some fortunate people. Unfortunately, saltwater brings corrosive mist to everything made of metal – from boats to cars and even outdoor lighting fixtures. Nautical, marina, and dock lights bring welcome lighting to properties at night for enhanced visibility and also a unique evening appearance. In addition, to piers and walkways, focal points like gorgeous tree canopies, gardens, patios, fountains, and sculptures are brought to a new level of interest and energy when lit at night with their non-corrosive rugged coastal outdoor light fixtures.

Coastal Outdoor Light Fixtures

What to look for in all weather lighting:

  • Solid Cooper or cast brass light fixtures with a weather resistant coating for both UV rays and the damage caused by salt water
  • Resin fixtures protect against high temperatures and salt water preventing rust or corrosion
  • Protective seals and specified sheathing
  • Coastal tested and compliant, which are designed for the ocean water and air

While there is no such thing as a totally weatherproof lighting fixture, NiteLites outdoor light fixtures are made to withstand some of the worst weather conditions Mother Nature has to offer. Their line of NiteLites brand light systems are specification grade, weather resistant fixture is made from solid brass and has been rigorously tested to withstand harsh coastal elements of water, salt, and high temperatures. Our LED bollards, path lights, step lights, piling lights, and post lights are perfect for projects – from extended dock designs up to large commercial multi-slip marinas. Lighting installed around the water is used to clearly light docks to enhance safety as well as security for both people and their boats.

NiteLites Outdoor Lighting franchises offer comprehensive services for electric outdoor lighting. Their lighting contractors design, install, maintain, and offer LED retrofitting for low voltage systems.

For coastal outdoor light fixtures with LEDs contact the NiteLites Outdoor Lighting business nearest you.