Indianapolis Landscape LED Lights knows the seasons are changing again and with it will come the need to prepare homes for the winter months. One thing that often gets overlooked when it comes to outdoor lighting is the safety and security it brings to homeowners and their families. The safety aspect comes from illuminating places with elevation changes, pathways, stairways and property details that may cause falls or injury. The security aspect of working outdoor lights is all about making the home a less appealing target.

Every year, homes are broken into simply because they were identified as an easy target, even if they have an alarm system. By illuminating the areas around doors ad windows around the property, potential burglars have a higher chance of being spotted. Lighting automation also comes into play when it comes to either homeowners not being on the property or the great convenience of knowing your lighting will come on and off when you want them to.

Indianapolis landscape LEDs states that lighting automation is often overlooked for its security and the beauty. Well-maintained lights will last longer and if positioned correctly, will set off the dreamy elements of a property like nothing else. Outdoor lights are enjoyable year round and truly captivate the beauty of the property. Outdoor lighting also extends evening hours and allows you to entertain long into the night with the safety and security that the Indianapolis copper lighting fixtures provide.

NiteLites of Indianapolis Landscape LED Lights reminds property owners of these very necessary steps to take to avoid having damaged outdoor lights. This transition can be made as smooth as possible with just a few simple steps.

Making sure that your fixtures are clear of fallen leaves and debris will help the lights to maintain the low heat that keeps them working longer. In addition, if there has been any landscaping on the property, make sure that they have not cut any lines or disrupted the outdoor lighting in any way. Continuing on the subject of landscaping, it is practical to get the property prepared for winter with landscaping cleaned up and trimmed back. Checking the fixtures to make sure they have a lens cover and that it is in good condition to prevent an excessive amount of moisture from getting in. In making sure the fall maintenance is up to par, call NiteLites of Indianapolis LED Lights and ask about the annual maintenance programs or scheduling a comprehensive service.

This maintenance appointment will provide the:

  • Changing all bulbs.
  • Cleaning of all clear covers and fixtures.
  • Straightening and tightening the fixtures and their connections.
  • Trimming landscape shrubs that have grown over fixtures.
  • Moving fixtures to accommodate landscape growth.

This is the perfect time of year to grab a blanket with some hot chocolate and curl up on the couch with a good book. Make this season easier by calling NiteLites of Indianapolis energy efficient lighting systems to do the fall maintenance to a professional level.

Indianapolis homeowners who are concerned about saving the environment as well as lowering their energy bills over the long winter months, should consider retrofitting their outdoor lighting fixtures with reliable LEDs from NiteLites. The LED landscape lights have been developed to last up to 40,000 hours and are up to 75% more efficient than traditional halogen bulbs.