The benefits of NiteLites of Sarasota Commercial Outdoor Lighting cannot be expressed enough when it comes to the visibility of commercial properties. In addition to your business being seen, outdoor lighting also creates a positive impression by boosting curb appeal. Brand exposure and visibility are crucial components in the success of a business. As technology progresses trends in commercial outdoor lighting will be smart and exciting for both business and consumers.

One such trend is lighting automation like occupancy sensors and photo cells. This trend is not only energy efficient but also works great for security as well. Another trend is the solar powered streetlights deployed in more than 60 countries worldwide. A future trend that is being currently studied is adapting lighting to improve people’s moods in the surrounding environment. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the future of lighting in a commercial environment.

NiteLites of Sarasota’s Commercial Outdoor Lighting is up-to-date with technology and elevating brand exposure. NiteLites offers the latest in energy efficient LEDs and great fixtures for commercial properties. NiteLites of Sarasota Commercial Outdoor Lighting provides design, installation, and maintenance of commercial grade lighting systems.  These Sarasota outdoor lighting contractors offer a complete array of industrials grade LED landscape and architectural lights for residential and commercial structures. These types of lighting styles include: up, wall, facade, accent, architectural, landscape, security, deck, step, poolside, garden, sculpture, tree, path, fountain, reflecting pool, and yard. The fixtures used to achieve these styles are: up lights, path lights, step lights, well lights, spot or flood lights, deck lights, recessed wall lights, wash lights, submersible lights, and paver lights. In addition, NiteLites can retrofit outdoor LEDs in existing, halogen and incandescent systems.

NiteLites of Sarasota Commercial Outdoor Lighting will benefit clients’ businesses in many ways. Increasing brand visibility could be as easy as lighting signage along the property. In addition, lighting the grounds to have an easy flow of navigation will help both business and clientele. Adding more lighting around the parking areas and walkways can also increase the safety of businesses.

NiteLites of Sarasota Outdoor Commercial Lighting designers are trained to enhance each property with the perfect set of lighting applications. NiteLites design-build commercial division designs and installs outstanding commercial outdoor lighting systems for neighborhood entryways, HOAS, religious buildings, storage units, hotels, retirement communities, condominiums, shopping malls, schools, colleges, resorts, parks, country clubs and restaurants.

Sarasota business owners, facility managers, HOAs, and property managers are encouraged to contact Becky White to hear about how NiteLites can increase business visibility, curb appeal, security, and property values