Specification Grade Outdoor LEDs

The commercial-grade string lights offered by the lighting designers and installers at NiteLites of Sarasota string lights are manufactured to specification grade. This means that everything from the outdoor LEDs to the power cord or stringer to the light sockets are all designed for a long useful life.

Commercial Grade String and Bistro Lighting

NiteLites of Sarasota string lights and rope lights are commercial grade and are used on restaurant patios and other commercial venues as well as high end home outdoor kitchen and dinning areas. The LED bulbs also known as lamps come in a variety of sizes, warm colors and brightness to fit the size, space, and need of the locale.

Commercial grade string light cords are made from heavy duty wire and have special weather-proof sockets that form a seal around the light bulb to keep water out. Commercial grade stringers are recommended for permanent installations intended to be left up year-round in the southern parts of the United States. They are connected to our transformers and for climates with snow and freezing rain, they can be protected indoors. Both our business owners and our home owners choose them because they are durable, reliable, and add a sophisticated look to their al fresco outdoor living spaces. Decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens take on a well designed and purposely lit atmosphere with our reliable lighting systems.

Big Box Grade

Generally lower quality stringers are sold by big box stores. These are may be bought in quantity and inexpensive as they are not made to the same specifications and are primarily suitable for indoor installations.  Some may only last through your first rainstorm over the deck. Often these lights can plug right into a wall outlet. Because they are not made with the same quality components they don’t typically last as many years as commercial grade string lights even when indoors. Their lower price point makes them more practical for indoor events and smaller, temporary lighting installations.

Outdoor Lighting Designer and Installers from NiteLites

For the reliable, long lasting string lighting systems chosen for coverage and brightness check with your NiteLites outdoor lighting consultant for a custom lighting design. These café or bistro lights need to be hung high and securely attached. Sometimes bistro lighting may be attached to trees or sides of roofs. When no secure purchase is available tall wooden or metal posts will be installed. Our lighting installers are fully insured and provide careful ladder and roof work with maximum safety. Installing string lights for common areas at school, for shopping centers, corporate campuses, churches, and restaurant outdoor eating areas.  LED string lights are the perfect way to expand living areas with a touch of warmth and pizzazz.