A Northern Kentucky Outdoor Lights system can add the finishing touches to architecture and landscaping. Outdoor lighting adds class and sophistication to homes and businesses while, at the same time, boosting curb appeal and increasing property value. While a well-designed lighting system can be the jewel of the property, many individuals do not possess the appropriate training and make avoidable mistakes. These errors turn a potential piece of lighting art into a non-functioning eyesore.

One of the biggest mistakes is to “over-illuminate” the property. Outdoor lighting is meant to accentuate the property and bring out its unique characteristics. Overlighting a property turns a property into a tacky mess. Neighbors don’t want to live next to a giant light bulb, and while visibility is very important, there is a point where it becomes too much. Take time to mark the perimeters and accent the property features. Also, take advantage of unique elements such as statues, water features, or hardscapes such as outdoor kitchens to provide one-of-a-kind lighting focal points. The old adage that less is more is a very important statement for tasteful outdoor lighting.

When illuminating architecture, consider what the lighting will look like from inside the structure. A wrongfully placed accent light on the outside could very well be shining into a living room by accident. What was meant to be thoughtful shadow lighting might be casting the silhouette of a tree into the dining room. Be mindful of where the light is aimed. Maintain a balanced look and remember that illuminating the landscaping around the structure adds attractive depth.

On that same note, be aware of what direction a light may be shining on the outside as well. Visitors do not wish to be blinded while traversing the property. Every walkway and the common area should be considered when aiming the lights.

All are encouraged to contact our Northern Kentucky Outdoor Lights location. Our landscape lighting professionals will design and install a lighting system that is tailor-made for each individual property. Not only do clients receive one of the best outdoor lighting systems on the market, but they also receive the added peace of mind of our industry-leading warranty and choice of annual maintenance plans.