An outdoor lighting system, by NiteLites of Ocean City Home Lighting, provides many enticing benefits to homeowners and businesses alike. These lighting systems enhance home safety and security, highlight the unique architectural characteristics of structures, showcase the landscape surrounding the property, and increase the property value. These systems, however, require servicing from time to time, to keep the system working like the day it was installed.

Seasonal transitions provide the best time to have a trained NiteLites outdoor lighting technician service a system. NiteLites of Ocean City Home Lighting is available to provide such service to landscape lighting systems. There are quite a few benefits to planning a comprehensive service call. Once scheduled, a NiteLites technician will travel to the property to perform the service. During these services, all halogen bulbs will be replaced. In addition, landscaping around fixtures and transformers will be trimmed. The outdoor lighting fixtures may be repositioned to accommodate changes in landscape, and fixtures will be straightened and adjusted. Technicians will also clear any excess brush or leaves away from fixtures, and clean all lens covers. It is recommended that outdoor lighting systems are serviced annually by a NiteLites professional.

NiteLites of Ocean City Home Lighting also offers an optional annual maintenance program to keep your system running in optimal condition. Enrollment in this program includes the comprehensive service call, and gives the assurance that if something goes wrong with the system, a technician will be out to fix it. Thus, our clients never have to worry about the cost, bulbs, or labor required to maintain their lighting system.