The best garden trends of the year matched with the perfect scene-setting Outdoor Home Lights.

As the doldrums of winter make way for the rejuvenation springtime brings, it’s time to make your way outdoors. Spring is the perfect time to spruce up not only the inside of your home but the outdoor living spaces as well. This year there are a few interesting trends developing in the gardening world.

The first of these trends is the expanding field of xeriscaping. With the growing concern toward water and conservation, this phenomenon has been put at the forefront of this year’s gardening trends. Xeriscaping is landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. Succulents and drought-resistant plants are especially prevalent in xeriscaping. There is no better way to bring new life to your backyard than with a cactus garden. Most are low maintenance and need only small amounts of water. If the home has little children and animals, avoiding cactus type plants is recommended.

Another interesting trend emerging today is that of a foliage garden. Foliage gardens can energize any outdoor space while enhancing the wild textures, scents, and sounds of nature. Foliage gardens tend to give a naturalist look that so many homeowners desire. Adding Japanese forest grass, lamb’s-ear, or even some summer poinsettia, will certainly bring out your wild side.

The third trend showing real promise this year is the idea of an edible garden. There is nothing better than growing an edible garden and enjoying the “fruits” of your labor. Edible gardens can bring out the kid in anyone. Taking you back to the first time you planted watermelons, or grew corn, and how much fun it was to see something come from almost nothing. The scents of garden herbs and spices help to create a unique mystique for memorable outdoor entertaining. Choosing fruits and vegetables with color can add focal points amongst the neutral colors of the outdoors.

NiteLites Outdoor Home Lights knows when it comes to nighttime enjoyment, you’ll get lost in the dark without some kind of lighting. There is nothing better than relaxing amid your cactus, or sitting Indian style near your Japanese forest grass, or simply grabbing an ear of corn for dinner. Garden lighting can really accentuate a garden and with depth and drama that brings a whole new level of enjoyment to it. NiteLites Outdoor Lighting can help make your dreams a reality with their specialty outdoor lighting contractors and superior products that withstand even the most corrosive coastal environments. Their comprehensive line of brass and copper fixtures feature a rugged finish to blend perfectly with your landscape. This landscape lighting will extend the hours of outdoor fun while providing extra safety and security.