Outdoor LED Lighting
Outdoor LED Lighting

NiteLites Outdoor LED Lighting shares the billion-dollar saving powers of LED technology and how you can benefit from them

Everywhere you look today, you see the LED market overtaking their lesser counterparts in virtually all dimensions and products. LEDs are going into streetlights and saving cities thousands of dollars. They go into our screw sockets at home and save us money. Utilizing around 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs, it’s easy to see why the LED market is booming.

LED Savings Potential for Commercial Outdoor Lighting

It takes a lot of energy to keep the approximately 10 million outdoor lights running throughout the United States. Most often in the past, these outdoor lights were powered by unclean coal-burning power plants. These types of power plants emit carbon dioxide, which pollutes the air causing climate change. Not to mention the lighting for streets and highways that are paid for with taxpayer dollars at either a local or state level. Even today, fewer than 5% of outdoor lighting fixtures utilize the power of LED. The energy saving potential is colossal.

LED Lighting for Your Home’s Outdoor Lighting

By utilizing these eco-friendly LEDs and other smart home technology such as automation, the savings will stack up. The future is now when it comes to energy-efficient lighting, as proved by the increased cost of halogen bulbs and the affordability of LEDs. Nearly every home and business have some form of LED light being used in some device. The area with the most energy savings potential is professionally installed outdoor lighting.

Commercial and Home Outdoor Lights Business

NiteLites Outdoor LED Lighting Contractors provides top-of-the-line cast brass fixtures with cutting edge LED technology. These installed outdoor lights are perfect for applications such as: HOAs, retirement homes, marinas, hotels, condominiums, residential properties, restaurants, recreation centers, funeral homes, dental offices, veterinarian clinics, schools and many more. Lighting applications used to facilitate these properties are path lighting, security lighting, flood lighting, spot lighting, water feature lighting, grazing, architectural lighting and paver lighting. Responsible outdoor lighting from this design-build lighting company is just another example of the power of LEDs.