NiteLites of Dayton Outdoor LED Lights looks into the future with LEDs being the only real choice out there for professional outdoor lighting systems

Picking the right lighting shouldn’t be difficult. With outdoor lighting contractors like NiteLites of Dayton Outdoor LED Lights out there, these options can be made even simpler. So why does this company only recommend LEDs to customers looking to install a new outdoor lighting system? Because their counterparts such as incandescent and halogen are not just becoming obsolete, they have already been in that category for many years now.

LED Lighting has many advantages to other options. It is more cost efficient, eco friendly and last much longer. The average wattage of an LED is 75% less than their halogen counterpart and even greater with incandescent. LEDs are built with heat-sink technology that expels the heat from the LEDs, giving them a much longer life and a less likely outcome of heat damage. LEDs are also more eco friendly. Using less energy and creating less landfill wastes helps to save all of us. Last but not least, LEDs have an incredible lifespan allowing for longer periods of light while still having to change them less. You really can’t beat LEDs in today’s market, and even more so LEDs made by outdoor lights contractor NiteLites of Dayton Outdoor LED Lights.

NiteLites of Dayton Outdoor Lights creates some of the most impressive LEDs in the industry. Outdoor Lighting has had solid brass and copper fixtures out there for a while now, so the best fixtures have been laid out. While NiteLites has custom fabricated these fixtures to have slight improvements, the big leap in technology is their LEDs. With an engineer and designer team on staff, they custom make some of the longest lasting and best color rendering LEDs on the market. That is one of the many reason’s why NiteLites is the best option for outdoor lighting and why LEDs are the only choice for lighting sources.

The future without halogen is actually quite bright. With more and more LED technology produced each day, the price of LEDs continues to go down and become more affordable. As halogen bulbs are phased out, their price will continue to get higher. With LEDs being such a great replacement on so many levels, it seems only those unwilling to adapt will feel the sting of halogen’s downfall.

Dayton Outdoor LED Lights has professional membership affiliations with the HBA of both Dayton and Cincinnati chapters, the BBB, ASLA, IDA and members of Chambers of Commerce all throughout southern Ohio. They also partner with landscape architects, high-end builders, pool and deck designers, HOAs, and restaurant franchises to meet commercial outdoor lighting needs.