Dress Up Your Southern Home with Savannah Landscape Lighting

Savannah Landscape Lighting Business

Savannah Landscape Lighting or outdoor lighting is the perfect way to dress up the outside of your home. If you are thinking of investing in outdoor lighting, there are several options that you have to choose from. Landscape lighting includes path lighting, up/down lighting, deck/step lighting, and other accessories. Imagine your pool, an outdoor oasis, surrounded by the warm glow of outdoor lighting late on a summer night. Perhaps envision hosting a gathering for friends and family on your deck area and as night falls your automated lights quietly transition your party into an intimate gathering by gently blanketing your guests and the surroundings in a beautiful glow. Outdoor lighting products can be used in different ways.

There are a variety of different applications that can be categorized as landscape lighting or outdoor lighting. Basic outdoor lighting products may refer to a directional flood light or a well light. Both of these types of outdoor lighting products come with timers and motion sensors. This is perfect for you because now you do not even have to flip a switch to work your outdoor lighting. Astronomic timers are syncopated to both the evening sky and your lifestyle. Landscape lighting usually refers to more decorative lighting that may be used to showcase a pool or backyard or deck area. Landscape lighting is both beautiful and practical. Many people use landscape lighting to bring focus to a specific area of the house rather than randomly light bombing the entire property.

There are so many practical reasons to invest in outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting makes your home safer in many ways. Both outdoor lighting and landscape lighting are necessities that light up the outside of your home in a functional, warm magical air.  Landscape lighting specialists are trained to assist you in choosing the perfect lights for your home. Outdoor lighting is more functional then landscape lighting. Perimeter lights are used on a walkway to your house and for your driveway – often for safety and security.

Lighting Basics for the Outdoor Landscape

It’s not your home interior but the outdoor landscape that casts the first impression. An ill-lit garden or home landscape can break the very appearance of your sweet home. To enhance the beauty of your home, proper lighting design, installation, and maintenance is a must.

Common landscape lighting is available in three forms: task lighting, accent lighting, and general lighting. They can be used together for design accentuation and practicality. However, if your outdoor landscape does not permit much space, you can opt for either of the lighting forms. To create a dramatic effect, you need to have a basic understanding of all the three forms of landscape lighting.

Accent and Up Lighting

Accent and Up Lighting-This form of lighting is widely used in landscape design. As the name suggests, accent lighting is used to accentuate certain areas of the outdoor landscape. Modern lighting design utilizes fixtures that are staged to remain hidden from view to lend a natural feel. The light fixtures provide the light but are not the featured element. They tend to be carefully hidden behind bushes, plants, or trees.

Task Lighting

Task Lighting- This lighting system is used in concentration to increase the functionality of space. Task lighting is mostly used for outdoor kitchens, patios, and recreation zones. Outdoor reading lamps are one way that landscape lighting is often complemented by more traditional table and chair lamps.

General Lighting

General Savannah Landscape Lighting- Of all the three forms of lighting, general lighting is the most practical. While task lighting keeps to concentrated areas and accent lighting is applied to enhance the design, general lighting is used for open space. General lighting typically uses a soft white light on homes but a more brilliant bright white for commercial buildings. Unlike the other lighting forms, it may be in clear view but never detracts from the overall mood of the landscape design.

It’s only after you grasp the uses of landscape lighting can you decide on the lighting pattern of your outdoors. Planning out your lighting system is essential before investing. Here at NiteLites, we offer a wide range of stylish light fixtures at competitive prices. Our Savannah location provides energy efficient low voltage lights and offers ultra-efficient outdoor LEDs for the smart home. With simple understanding and proper planning, you can turn your outdoor landscape into an enviable haven. For the money, professional outdoor lighting is an easy way to get an updated look for your home and yard.