Here at NiteLites, our professionals know the most common outdoor lighting mistakes that people make when it comes to design and installation. We know because we fix them all the time, even when done by a local landscaping company. Without further ado, below are the 6 major “don’ts” and why it is so necessary to avoid them if you want a long-lasting outdoor lighting system that truly shines.

1. Too Many Lights

Outdoor lighting should be done tastefully. Overdoing it will completely defeat the purpose of the project. You want to accent the features of your property and paint a pretty picture; NOT emulate a football stadium. Too many lights are also not economically friendly since they will use much more energy. Keeping things simple will add taste and intrigue to your property’s features.

2. Too Few Lights

Outdoor lighting is like painting the canvas of your home. Think about it—wouldn’t it be silly to fill in only half of the portrait? Or only a small portion of it? It makes the most sense, practically and aesthetically, to place outdoor lights evenly throughout your property in order to properly complete the art that is your home at night.

3. Black Holes

The goal is to create a cohesive final product. A brilliant warm wash of light that creates safety, security, and much beauty. That isn’t possible if you leave large areas of your property unlit. Even outdoor lighting distribution helps deter criminal activity, therefore leaving sections in the dark can quite possibly, unintentionally, give robbers a hiding spot.

4. Hot Spots

On the opposite end of the spectrum, too many lights can cause certain areas to have more light than others, thus producing an imbalanced, undesirable look. These hot spots, or light flares, wash out the beauty and texture you’re seeking to highlight.

5. Lack of Variety

Variation is essential when it comes to outdoor lighting. At NiteLites, we have many different kinds of lights that serve unique purposes such as path, paver, pond and fountain, pool area, step, string, landscape, architectural, etc. One size does not fit all if you want your project to be executed correctly.

6. Directional Issues

The direction in which your fixtures are pointed is very important. Doing this step wrong can cause potential issues such as disturbing neighbors and passing drivers and or causing unnecessary light pollution. You’re only wanting to illuminate your own property and nothing else.

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