Outdoor lighting myths exist among many consumers who’ve never met with professional outdoor lighting contractors such as NiteLites’ chief lighting designers. Big box stores and local landscapers can feed into many of these myths, giving clients poor value and a system that lasts only a few seasons or less. Save yourself the money (and a lot of headaches) by arming yourself with the knowledge you need from the pros.

Outdoor Lighting Myths

Myth: Aluminum fixtures are cheaper and work just as well as brass.

Fact: For starters, aluminum is a far weaker metal than brass, which only lasts a few years (or seasons) outdoors with just weather alone, let alone landscaping and lawn care adjustments. Solid brass fixtures manufactured by professional outdoor lighting companies come with a lifetime warranty because they last a lifetime. Brass also blends into your landscape and, with time, patinas to become even more beautifully nestled in your landscaping.

Myth: Landscapers can install the same lighting system for less money.

Fact: While it is true a landscaper may sell and install landscape lighting; the ‘cheaper’ aspect is far from reality. Cheaper for a season or two, sure. But over the course of years, a professionally installed system will last longer, have greater value, and be less expensive than going back and forth with a landscaper every other season or year. Landscapers buy aluminum fixtures from other companies, so they can’t offer any warranty that would be helpful long term. Outdoor lighting contractors like NiteLites manufacture their fixtures, which is how they offer a lifetime warranty.

Myth: Anyone can buy and install outdoor lighting from a big box store and get the same results.

Fact: Big box stores don’t sell solid brass fixtures, only aluminum, so right off the bat there’s going to be a big difference in the longevity of your system. Then comes another big issue—LEDs. Big box store brand LEDs can let out varying color temperatures and lumens (amount of light), all within the same line of bulbs. NiteLites manufactures not only their fixtures but also the LEDs specifically for each fixture. Each LED maintains the exact color temperature and lumen output to create a beautiful wash of light that’s consistent, dependable for years, and warrantied by the company that makes them.

Myth: More lights equal better results.

Fact: This is common to hear, but the number of lights is less important than how the lights are used within a designed plan. Outdoor lights contractors like NiteLites have chief lighting designers who survey your property, work closely with you to figure out what you’re trying to achieve, and create a custom property lighting drawing to accommodate all those needs within your constructed budget. Oftentimes, your home or commercial property needs fewer lights than you think. It’s the application of certain fixtures in certain places that give you the most bang for your buck. Outdoor lighting is an art form with the canvas being your property and the paint being light.

Myth: DIY solar lighting will illuminate my property as well as wired low voltage and professional systems do.

Fact: This is possibly the biggest myth to debunk. Solar lighting technology has nowhere near the ability to replicate the consistency, quality, and volume of light as a wired system can. Solar lighting might never get there, honestly, and that’s okay. NiteLites installs low voltage wired systems, which take barely any energy at all. Another benefit of having a wired system is control over when they come on and off. NiteLites install each system with an astronomic timer that can either function from dusk till dawn or any on and off times you prefer.

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