Outdoor Lights Designer

When working with a builder and other contractors for your new home being built, there is a list of things you want to get right from the start: Pools, deck and patios, stairways, gardens, and tree plantings. Some other important things might not always come to your mind or builder’s, such as pre-construction for outdoor lighting. We break down our top tips to save you money for when you want your outdoor lights system installed. If you’re ever in doubt, we will always work directly with builders to make sure these steps are taken care of as well.

  1. Conduit under driveways and walkways will prevent the need for any drilling once the building is finished. 1½” or wider conduit with a narrow groove on each side to indicate its location is ideal. Having a drawing or landscape architect plan is also helpful to know where each conduit is measured at. At times, it’s good to place two conduits so one can be used for something like a sprinkler system installed in the future.
  1. Landscaping should be planted at least 24 inches away from the foundation. The lines needed to run your outdoor lighting system will need adequate space, along with your shrubs and bushes to accent your property.
  1. Outdoor electrical outlets should be installed around the house to accommodate any transformers you will need, with a few extra for things like holiday lighting and accommodating your outdoor living space.
  • To keep the outlets dry, you should have in-use weatherproof covers installed. The hardcover keeps out moisture and protects the outlet, even when things are plugged in.
  • Request to have your electrician install a dedicated breaker to each exterior outlet and have each labeled clearly.
  1. The last and best tip we have is to start communication with our NiteLites team as early in the building process as you can. Adding an outdoor lighting system after the construction can get more expensive when considering all the drilling and conduit laying needed. We work with builders and even include our lighting designs in their landscape plans so everything goes smoothly and according to plan. Even emailing us a copy of your architect’s drawing allows us to recommend conduit and outlet locations that will work best with your custom outdoor lighting plan.

Cost-effective outdoor lighting solutions with our NiteLites outdoor lights systems and pre-construction go hand in hand. Add to that the value of our lifetime warranty on our lights and the best-quality LEDs custom made for our fixtures. Our outdoor lighting contractors are the best at what they do, creating a beautiful painting of light that makes your home more safe and secure. With over twenty years in the business, NiteLites will never leave you in the dark.