NiteLites of Sarasota Outdoor LEDs share the importance of well designed, installed, and maintained outdoor lighting to add function, creativity, and spontaneity in the nighttime landscape. By using a NiteLites professional outdoor lighting specialist you can avoid these common lighting mistakes:

1. More is not necessarily better when it comes to outdoor lighting – using too many lights may produce an overly dramatic look of a model home, or car lot rather than an air of sophisticated elegance.

2. Just as too many lights may create a blindingly bright look, so will bulbs, which are not properly shielded and/or those with too high of a wattage. The best low voltage lighting systems utilize bulbs specifically made to work in their system and they cast a gentle glow on landscape, a building, or focal point.

3. Avoid leaving large darkened areas, which draws the eye to the light source instead of the intended focus such as a building’s unique architectural elements. The lighting fixtures are not the intended focus of professionally designed lighting applications.

4. The bulbs in pre-existing lighting such as garage lighting, lighting posts, porch lights, should be adjusted so that they do not compete with the overall lighting effect. These “hot spots” can be easily corrected by replacing the pre-existing bulbs with lower wattage bulbs.

5. Each property offers a unique canvas on which lighting designers can create their own work. With slight variations in wattage, angles of lights, plus careful placement of lighting fixtures, lighting designers avoid the look caused by a lack of variety in the lighting techniques.

6. Improperly aimed fixtures without proper shielding often creates disruptive lighting that glares into the windows of neighboring homes or in the eyes of drivers on the street.

7. Too many path lights used too closely together create the airport runway effect, which may draw unwanted air traffic. This can be a mistake.

8. The lighting industry’s progress has been slow on developing viable solar lighting systems. Unfortunately, solar landscape lights are still years behind in areas of durability and lighting effect. The solar posts commonly used work more as markers for the location of the fixture rather than tools to accentuate a remarkable feature of a landscape.

9. Unbalanced lighting may compartmentalize rather than pulling landscape and structural features together which creates a hodgepodge look rather than the often sought after majestic appearance.

10. Yellowing and uneven brightness due to an inadequate power source or improper engineering can be distracting and unattractive. Also, lack of power can also become a costly nuisance as it invariably leads to premature bulb burnout.

NiteLites of Sarasota Outdoor LEDs provides residential and commercial lighting specific to the needs of the individual property. Be it landscape lighting, architectural lighting, or illumination of outdoor living spaces, NiteLites of Sarasota Outdoor LEDs provides the best in outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance.