NiteLites of Sarasota Outdoor Lighting Company explains what a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) index is and tips on improving the energy efficiency in the home.

There are a lot of great reasons to have a home energy rating performed on your house. The determination of your HERS index can tell you a lot about the energy consumption of the home you live in. So how does the HERS index work? A certified Home Energy Rater will access the home to determine the energy efficiency of the home, then assigning a number or score depending on what they find out. A typical home is usually awarded a score of 100 on the HERS index. The score is always relative to the size, shape, and type of house you live in. Some variables in the energy ratings are:

  • Exterior walls
  • Floors over spaces that are unconditioned
  • Ceilings and roofs
  • Attics, foundations and crawlspaces
  • Windows, doors, vents and ductwork
  • HVAC systems, water heaters and thermostats

Some things you could do to improve your energy score are things like updating windows and doors so that they seal properly. Another way to help the home’s rating is by increasing the insulation in the home. Upgrading your thermostat is another way to keep your heating and air conditioning bills low during certain seasons. Little things like changing air filters, cleaning air vents, and adding ceiling fans can also make your home more energy efficient. One thing people may not think of when talking about energy savings for their home is outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting not only serves to beautify the home and make it safer but also can be energy efficient if done the right way. NiteLites of Sarasota Outdoor Lights has the innovative temperature-controlled LEDs that last up to 40,000 hours and save a significant amount of energy. The great thing about LED technology is that it is forever evolving into better ways to save even more energy. NiteLites of Sarasota Landscape LED Lighting constantly improves their LEDs to maintain the perfect color temperature for both landscape and architecture. Both residential and commercial clients can expect the best service, products, and warranty from these industry-leading outdoor lighting professionals. Residential services also expand into projects like HOAs, neighborhood associations, condos, and townhouses.