This Veterans Day, we are helping Americans to show support for vets with green LEDs and green lens covers.

Show your support for vets everywhere by changing one of your outdoor lights to green. IVMF (Institute for Veterans and Military Families) and Walmart join together for a new vet campaign. This campaign, “Greenlight a Vet”, is about creating a visual and actionable national support for veterans and their families. Over a quarter million of our military are making the adjustment of transitioning back into civilian life. These veterans need the help and support of the population to get jobs and the proper physical and mental health services they’ve earned. Americans are now encouraged to show their support with this visual symbol. Even though our vets are more camouflaged than ever, they should still always be able to see the support of the American people.

So why the color green? Green is a universal symbol of well-being, health, renewal and hope. The term “Greenlight” is also a common phrase to indicate forward advancement. America’s veterans are some of our hardest working and bravest men and women who put their lives on the line defending this country. Now that they are integrating back into everyday society, it’s more important than ever to show our support of these great people.

So how can you help? You can hire a veteran or help one find a job. You can start a mentor/mentee relationship with a returning veteran to help them get on their feet. You can volunteer with local veteran groups in your community. You can raise awareness of veteran issues via social media. Lastly, you can turn one of your outdoor lights to green to signal your support.

Here at NiteLites, we are honored to have a reputation for supporting veterans and their families. We are proud members of VetFran and offer a 35% discount on franchise fees for honorably discharged American veterans. In continuation of our support of U.S. veterans, we are offering green LEDs and green lens covers to coincide with the Greenlight a Vet campaign. We provide custom outdoor lighting designs to homes and business landscapes and architecture. We manufacture, supply, install and service our own systems as well as repairing competitor’s systems. We are renowned for our high quality fixtures and technologically advanced LEDs. Adding a green LED or green lens cover to an existing system shows support of U.S. vets and enhances a system even further. We encourage our customers and everyone else to show their support and Greenlight a Vet this Veterans’ Day.