String lights are a simple way to elevate your outdoor area(s). They add just the right amount of ambiance, whether they are placed in your own backyard for dining alfresco or at your entertainment venue that hosts weddings, birthday parties, and or business events. You can guarantee these lights will transform your space into a true oasis.

The charm and affordability aspects of string lights are what keep them popular. Here at NiteLites, we manufacture our own top-quality Edison lights, which are installed on your property by us, and have the ability to be backed by unmatched residential and commercial warranties so you are able to enjoy these lights for many, many years.

Imagine how the commercial outdoor seating areas below would look without our string lights (from both far away and close up)—it wouldn’t be near as eye-catching. Bistro lights certainly help attract potential patrons and create a fun vibe for those already sitting underneath them.

It’s hard to picture this outdoor gathering space without our bistro lights. The people attending events at this spot would not get to experience the same magical atmosphere that is created with these hanging lights. String lights make celebrations that much more enjoyable and memorable.

string lights

String lights are a wonderful addition to any backyard. There are many perks of having these installed at home: opportunity to spend more time outside after the sun goes down, impressing guests when you host parties and get-togethers, increasing your home value, etc. Who wouldn’t want to hang out under these string lights?

If you’re interested in having Edison lights and or any other kind of outdoor lighting installed, call us at 1-866-648-3548 or fill out a form on our website and we will get back with you within 24 business hours.