Here at NiteLites of Ocean City LED Lighting, the weather is beginning to change, bringing beautiful colors and colder weather. As we progress through fall and into winter, most homeowners tend to shy away from construction of outdoor living spaces. However, the building “off-season” is the perfect time to begin planning to get a majority of the work completed before the spring. This leaves more time to enjoy the new outdoor addition when things heat up.

Get an early start

A well-built deck can often take over 6 months to plan and complete. Make sure you have a comprehensive checklist with resources handy to help achieve your goal. There are several great apps and websites to aid in organization of timelines and project management.

Consider your budget

Before getting started, sit down and crunch the numbers. Have a solid idea of what you would like to spend to finish the project and avoid stress down the road. This helps when thinking about the extras.

Choose a trusted professional

When deciding on a deck builder, do your research. Investigate online and check reviews. Also, keep in mind the top contractors are often booked early in advance for the spring. Find a reliable builder through interviews, references and portfolios. Fall and winter are optimal times to pre-book a deck builder.

Pick the decking

A key component of any deck is the quality of materials. Go with a product that will stand the test of time, lasting through the wear and tear. One of these options is composite decking. This wood alternative is long lasting, requiring less maintenance for more enjoyment.

Add-ons & extras

Getting off to an early start allows for time to explore options. Customize the deck to create the perfect getaway. Think about add-ons such as railings, benches, fire pits, pergolas and lighting.

LED Lighting

The finishing touch to any outdoor haven is certainly the lighting. Well placed accent lights set the mood and create a magical ambience for long lasting enjoyment. The magic of well placed deck lights contribute to the overall outdoor feng shui of a home. Choosing an outdoor lighting professional ensures the system is well done and gets the most out your deck. Step, rail, and path lights are wonderful additions to increase visibility and safety. Automated lighting makes the system easy to operate with self-regulated timing. LEDs are a great option to keep energy usage low. They last for many years, keeping maintenance and labor down as well.

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