SW Florida String Lighting Company, NiteLites, enhances both homes and businesses with a festive ambiance with outdoor string lights.

Whether using string lights, rope lights, strip lights or custom LED strip lights, NiteLites of Naples Outdoor Lights has got you covered. With their expandable systems you can make the outdoor lighting vision of your dreams come true one step at a time as budgets allow. Commercial grade string lighting has the ability to transform a drab outdoor space into one that is fun and inviting. The magic of these applications of outdoor lighting will boost any outdoor party, elevate alfresco dining, and jazz up outdoor business patios.

A commercial outdoor lights contractor such as NiteLites can do the application of this string lighting for you. This eliminates the hassle of ladders and equipment needed to secure each wire. Achieving the right look and feel usually takes a trained eye; so DIY lighting can be a lot of time and money that may be better spent on a professional. Outdoor string lights illuminate the entire space under them as well as adding character overhead. This makes them ideal for creating a lighthearted festive atmosphere and making the area safer with light. Ideal for both homes and businesses, this trend is becoming a new standard in festive lighting.

Since string lights are primarily line voltage, meaning they need to be plugged into a standard outdoor outlet, there can be the issue of energy consumption. Almost exclusively using halogen bulbs in years past, these string light bulbs have been little energy guzzlers. Now, NiteLites offers options of energy saving LED bulbs that have the same look and feel of their halogen counterpart; only they utilize about 75% less energy. Saving energy with LEDs is a large part of minimizing the carbon footprint of throwaway halogen bulbs.