Our low-voltage paver lights are unique in the fact that their design/installation prevents common wear and tear issues, including those that stem from lawn/home upkeep, children/pets, weather, car bumpers, etc. These fixtures cast an effective and functional source of light that’s very pleasing to the eye. NiteLites Chief Lighting Designers know exactly how to plot and create patterns with in-ground paver lights. Below are some examples of different ways to utilize this kind of fixture.

Upward-facing fixtures can shine a light on impressive art pieces/structures! You might not think to use paver lights for this purpose, but the possibilities are truly endless.

The in-ground paver lights shown above highlight the architecture of this property and its special features which, in turn, elevates the overall appearance and subtly increases security.

Arbor-like structures need light, too! Give your guests the option of enjoying a romantic late-night stroll around the premises after dusk.

Illuminating a focal object/thing is the obvious move to make… but don’t forget about the surrounding area! Can you imagine this space without the paver lights on each side of the fountain? They make a world of a difference.

In-ground paver lights have the power to evoke certain feelings. Because these fixtures cast a softer beam of light, you would likely experience calm and relaxed emotions hanging out in environments like the one pictured above. Envision this area with floodlights instead–it wouldn’t be near as peaceful, right?

These fixtures can be a stylish way to improve safety measures on your property. They don’t ruin any lavish vibes that you may be trying to achieve… in fact, they actually make spaces look even more elegant.

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