Outdoor Lights Designers

Home and business owners sink sizable investments into their properties. Architecture is carefully designed and built for a purpose. Landscapes are manicured to perfection. Parking and pathways are installed around the property to provide ease of travel for visitors. Yet, when the sun goes down, all semblance of curb appeal fades away. That’s where NiteLites Outdoor Lighting Designers come in.

Bringing 20 years of experience to the table, NiteLites Outdoor Lighting Designers will design and install a lighting system to illuminate and accent the features of each property. There are many reasons to choose NiteLites over other lighting companies. Firstly, NiteLites’ fixtures are simply the best in the business. Each fixture is built for a specific purpose. Additionally, they are designed to be rugged and reliable, standing up to all types of weather. Installing NiteLites LED lamps into a new system will lower operating costs while reducing one’s carbon footprint. Existing systems can even be retrofitted with these energy-saving LEDs.

NiteLites’ highly-trained outdoor lighting contractors prepare a lighting plan specifically tailored to each property. Liability can be minimized with path lighting and landscape lighting. This lets visitors move about the property with ease and safety. Visitors will not only feel safe, but secure with the use of motion-activated, and strategically positioned lights.

Once a system is installed, clients’ can enjoy peace of mind with an industry-leading warranty. NiteLites also offers annual maintenance programs to make sure each system runs as well as the day it was installed.