It’s officially November! Autumn is in full swing, and wintertime is creeping up on us. One of the best ways to keep your system in tip-top shape is to have an outdoor lighting maintenance check done during the fall… before the harsh winter weather hits. Taking this initiative will allow your fixtures to continue looking and running their best. This is especially important since days are getting shorter, meaning that you will naturally be utilizing your system more often. Plus, you want to avoid any extra work and costs that come with avoiding a maintenance check until the spring—obviously!

We offer multiple different preventative maintenance plans (PMP) that you can opt into so that you can keep your system in optimal condition without breaking the bank. You can choose either 2 or 4 scheduled service calls per year. These visits include trimming landscaping around fixtures and transformers, straightening and adjusting fixtures, repositioning fixtures due to changes in landscape, cleaning lens covers, checking transformer voltage, checking voltage taps to fixtures, and inspecting and adjusting timers or photocells. Once you are a PMP customer, you get priority response (within 5 business days) and there is no service charge applied.

Want to schedule an outdoor lighting maintenance check or sign up for a semi-annual/quarterly PMP? Fill out a contact form on our website or give us a ring at 866-648-3548. We’re here to make the process as simple as possible.

While we’re at it, if you still have halogen bulbs, now is the time to do a retrofit. There are countless benefits including cheaper electricity bills, decreased energy use, and minimal maintenance. Contact us to schedule a professional estimate to see how much it would cost to upgrade your older system, free of charge! LEDs are the future, and a retrofit is long overdue if you haven’t done so already.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance