Labor Day is fast aproaching and it’s a great time for outdoor events, which also means showcasing properties. Columbus Outdoor lighting maintenance is a crucial part of the appearance of the home. Lights that are out or could be replaced can take down a homes curb appeal. In addition to the attractiveness, outdoor lights also help to provide safety and security to the home. Step lighting can prevent falls and injuries related to poorly lit steps. Other lighting around the property can also help with pathways and deck areas being just as safe as they are in the daytime.

NiteLites of Columbus Outdoor Lighting Maintenance is an outdoor lighting franchise expressing the importance for owners of outdoor lights to keep a regular maintenance schedule of at least one service a year. Maintenance offers optional annual outdoor lighting maintenance programs to keep systems running in optimal condition. This means clients never have to worry about the cost, materials, or labor required to maintain their lighting system. Each one of these optional outdoor lighting maintenance plans gives a low cost option to keep lights running and looking their best. Without one of these plans, customers can still call in and have NiteLites professionals come out and service their lights for a service charge. Making sure lights are free from mulch and other debris can also extend the life of the lights as well.

Another great option for outdoor lighting maintenance is to replace halogen bulbs with LEDs. Halogen bulbs produce a great deal of heat and burn out much faster than LED lights. In addition to lasting up to 40,000 hours, LED lights use less energy, so it will also saves on the electric bill. Retrofitting to LEDs will also provide better lighting quality characteristics including: improved color, reduced flicker, and greater light output. Incorporate LED products into lighting solutions and take advantage of the strengths of LED lighting, while minimizing further expenses. Maintenance assures the highest quality and promises to keep bringing the latest technology as it develops.