With LEDs taking the world by storm, it is no wonder the popularity of these energy saving light emitting diodes have exploded. With longer lifespans and a dramatic decrease in energy consumption, it is clear to see the advantages–with LED landscape lights, for example. Outdoor LED technology is progressing further every day, with more real world applications being made and sold around the world.

So, what could possibly prevent people from diving into the world of LED technology?

The biggest complaint people have when talking about LEDs is that they do not like the bluish white light emitted. However, this is a large misconception since LEDs are no longer trapped in their bluish color. The days of the only basic “blue” LED are long over. It is true, early LED modules had limited color options. The first versions were a red LED used for indicators and extremely bright modules giving off a bluish white light, used for fiber optics. The technology has come a long way since the 60s and 70s. Customers should no longer have fears of LED color limitations. Another major complaint was the durability of LEDs for outdoor use. Delaware LED Outdoor Lights fixtures are acid etched, weather resistant and built to last.

With the LEDs now offered, their functionality is nearly endless, providing excellent solutions for outdoor and indoor lighting.

NiteLites of Delaware Outdoor Lights provides the most cutting-edge LED technology with the same rich warm inviting glow and beauty that halogens bulbs create. The color quality of NiteLites products is high quality and consistent which differs from lesser products that can lack durability and quality consistence.

This Delaware Outdoor lighting business offers comprehensive outdoor lighting solutions for residential and commercial properties. In addition, NiteLites can retrofit outdoor LEDs in existing, halogen and incandescent systems.

Types of lighting styles include:

  • up
  • wall
  • facade
  • accent
  • architectural
  • landscape
  • security
  • deck
  • step
  • poolside
  • garden
  • sculpture
  • tree
  • path
  • fountain
  • reflecting pool
  • yard

NiteLites outdoor LED fixtures used to achieve these styles are: