NiteLites of Dayton Security Lights would like to ensure the safety of all homeowners and trick-or-treaters this Halloween. This short bullet list will allow everyone to make the best preparations they can while keeping it all very simple.

Check to see if the property is properly lit

If there is no outdoor lighting on the property, consider the safety of those who will be on the property during this holiday season and call NiteLites of Dayton for a free estimate on a new system. If there already is outdoor lighting for the home, take a few minutes to make sure all outdoor lighting is in working order. NiteLites of Dayton can replace any bulbs that might have burned out, or to install additional fixtures to better light the estate. A well-lit landscape will not only create a safe environment for children during Halloween, it will also help keep the family safe year round.

Make sure walkways are clear

Use path lighting to make sure the path from the street to the front door is clear of anything that may cause harm to a child or family members. Newly fallen branches, divots in the walkway concrete and anything that presents a tripping hazard should be either cleared from anywhere people may be walking or lit well enough to notice the change in elevation. Lighting pathways and structures on the home can not only makes a home more beautiful, it also makes it safer.

Avoid allowing contact with pets

Pet behavior is often unpredictable when placing them into new situations. At times, children can be too rough with animals making them more defensive than usual. NiteLites landscape lights reminds homeowners that keeping pets indoors will reduce the risk of unnecessary accidents.

Keeping it safe this Halloween can be as easy as the three steps above. Once the property is ready for trick-or-treaters, the property will be beautiful and safe for the whole neighborhood to see.