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Create a backyard vacation resort for friends and family

Vacations can be expensive, but the relaxation that comes with being in a resort environment is imperative to shedding excess stress. Many families are switching up their vacation plans this year to create their own perfect place to relax right in their backyards. The “staycation” continues to grow in popularity. According to NiteLites of Dayton Outdoor Lights Business, with some trendy changes and a little outdoor lighting, homeowners can enjoy their own little vacation resort right at home.

Below are some popular ways high-end homes are creating outdoor paradises in their backyards with professionals from home remodeling and construction, luxury pools, electrical contractors, waterscapers and outdoor lighting designers.

Creative Pools

A pool is a must in any backyard resort, but a creatively designed pool can enhance it to the next level. Creative pool designs combine different shapes, elevations and interactions with surroundings that really punch up the space. The always-popular infinity pool is great for areas with a view. The look of an infinity pool also adds style and sophistication that mirrors the resort flair. Pools with connected hot tubs give a sense of relaxation and convenience reminiscent of a luxury stay abroad.


Nothing says luxury relaxation quite like a waterfall. Using natural looking stone elements that compliment the design of your outdoor space, waterfalls add elegance and soothing sounds. Waterfalls that run into the pool are a trending idea that many creative landscape architects are using for their clients. Adding a beautiful statue with waterfall accent will transform your outdoor living area into a Zen place to release the stress of everyday life.

Fun Accents

What resort would be complete without some fun elements? A winding slide down to the pool adds theme park fun and a great detail for parties and family gatherings. An outdoor kitchen and bar is great for letting the cook stay in the excitement and provides some of the same conveniences of the interior. Swings and hammocks create great places to relax in true resort style. TK torches aligning the backyard and pool will add a tropical feel that also adds great lighting.


Perhaps the most important element in creating your backyard paradise is the lighting. Lighting not only sets the ambiance, but it also adds safety and security to your oasis. NiteLites landscape and pool area lighting are low volt and energy efficient. NiteLites of DaytonOutdoor Lights creates dramatic results by illuminating outdoor living areas, patios, backyards, trees, pavers, gardens, pathways, gazebos, pergolas, driveways, entryways, waterfalls, ponds, fountains, decks, steps, pool sides, statues and art sculptures.

NiteLites of Dayton Outdoor Lights Business Service explains that their outdoor lighting systems are expandable so you can add as your budget allows. With their innovative LEDs custom made for their fixtures, you can add light without adding a lot of energy usage. So you can create beauty on a budget, and have your very own resort right in your backyard.