NiteLites of Delaware explains the best ways to repair landscape lights installed by lower end outdoor lighting contractors.

Right or wrong, there is a common perception that whomever sold you a certain product is responsible for replacing that product should it unexpectedly stop working. In the landscape lighting industry, there is nearly unlimited potential for the products to malfunction due to a wide variety of factors. Whether it is because of landscapers themselves, wildlife, weather, animals, children, etc., the customer will probably expect that the original installer is responsible for repairs. An upfront, clear and concise conversation between the landscape lighting designer and customer regarding guarantees and warranties before the project is officially underway is always advised. Written quotes for lighting installation as well as the warranty helps protect the homeowner’s outdoor lighting investment.

There are landscape lighting companies out there that will leave you in the dark when things go wrong. NiteLites of Delaware corrects all outdoor lighting issues, even botched installs by local landscapers. The best thing to do in a situation when you find yourself with a faulty system and/or an inferior landscaping lighting company is to buckle down and find a professional in your local area that will help you now and anytime in the future. These landscape and architectural outdoor lighting professionals should assess the system’s issues and provide you with the information and guidance on replacing or repairing the LED system and keep your fixed system running for years to come.

Here are a few tips to making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to landscape lighting:

  • Let the contractor or installers buy the materials: from the in-ground well lights and path lights, to the astronomical timers and transformers. This will remove the customer as the middleman in the event a product is faulty. NiteLites installs and manufactures its own products and thus the warranty is unbeatable.
  • Make sure the contractor or installer knows exactly where their product is coming from. Be wary of any product void of a brand name clearly labeled anywhere. Even some large brand names don’t come with a great value behind it. NiteLites products carry the NiteLites branding and easily beat out the bargain brand in value. NiteLites outdoor LEDs are industrial grade to meet the demand of both the commercial and residential landscape lighting projects.
  • Warranties and Guarantees: be sure these are completely understood before the install begins. Should anything unexpectedly stop working, this will create a stress-free path to repair. Also read reviews and testimonials of the lighting companies you are considering. You are essentially married to them in regards to your outdoor lighting so you want to make sure they will be there when things go wrong.

As it is with any project, pre-planning and communication are the crucial to success. Taking the extra step of educating yourself in regards to contractors and products will guarantee the best experience possible and a quality job completed. NiteLites of Delaware Outdoor Lights prides itself on educating the client and walking them through each step. Nothing is left unclear when dealing with a truly professional outdoor lights contractor; so don’t accept anything less than the best.