Have you taken note of your electricity bill recently? It’s likely on the higher end if you haven’t yet hired us to do an LED retrofit for your older system. LEDs not only provide instant and long-term savings on replacement bulbs, maintenance, and service calls, but they also have a better ROI than any alternative energy system…and this is because of their innate durability, efficiency, and popularity.

Fun fact #1: Halogen lights typically last only 3,200 hours compared to 40,000 hours on average for LEDs. Some NiteLites LEDs last over 5 years with everyday use!

Fun fact #2: When you turn on halogen light bulbs, only 20% of the electricity is used as light and the other 80% is leftover heat.

Fun fact #3: LED lights produce less greenhouse gases, contain no hazardous materials like lead or mercury, and are recyclable, thus helping minimize waste in landfills!

Using **one LED** saves:

  • Over a half ton of CO2 emissions
  • 3000 kilowatts of electricity
  • 12 halogen bulbs & packaging
  • 5 gallons of gasoline

While halogen lights have a cheaper up-front cost, they still are more expensive down the line due to their short lifespan and objectively wasteful build and functionality. Are you convinced to make the switch to LEDs? Give us a call at 866-648-3548 or fill out a form on our website and a customer service representative will help set you up with a free LED retrofit estimate!

LED Retrofit