Many commercial properties and business owners understand the overall importance of outdoor lighting. Not only for the security of the property but also for the safety of employees and customers alike. Here are a couple of things to be aware of when considering outdoor lighting from Jacksonville Commercial Outdoor Lights company.

First, when it comes to outdoor lighting in Jacksonville of a property, less can sometimes be more. Assuming you do not want your nighttime property to look like a casino, the first step is to determine what you want to illuminate. If you overlight the outdoor areas you may lose the aesthetic value that you were going for in the first place. Keep in mind that at night, your eyes are already somewhat adjusted to the dark. If you keep overall light levels low, then the contrast between light and shadow of the exterior features can create a much more dramatic effect. A professional outdoor lighting contractor has the experience and designer’s “eye” to create beautiful balance within a property while making it safer and more secure.

Secondly, the color of the lights you use can have a dramatic effect on how the lights feel. Most property owners will avoid the cool white LEDs that range around 5,000 Kelvin. LED lights initially had a bad reputation in quality due to the blue tones of their color, but NiteLites evolved technology provides not only reliable outdoor LEDs but also LEDs in more warm and inviting colors. With a warm white LED, you can perfectly draw out the beauty of landscape and architecture equally. NiteLites of Jacksonville Outdoor LEDs are skillfully created with an engineer and team of experts that produce long-lasting, quality LEDs.

Lastly, consider the design and layout of the lights. Different fixtures are used for a multitude of purposes that all work together to make a cohesive and balanced plan. Creating focal points, illuminating changes in elevation, and highlighting architecture are just a few examples of design ideas that create a comprehensive look and feel all property owners could benefit from.

Jacksonville Commercial Outdoor Lights are an industry leader in commercial outdoor LEDs for architectural, landscape, and security purposes. Our specification grade lighting fixtures are perfect for architects, property managers, landscape architects, and general contractors. The outdoor LEDs we use are built with only the leading brand LED chips including CREE, Samsung, and LG Electronics. Solid cast brass and copper light fixtures are rugged, dependable, and sophisticated. Businesses and homeowners also benefit from a wide range of services including energy assessments, lighting design, LED retrofitting, installation, and regularly scheduled maintenance.