Jacksonville Outdoor Lights Contractor shares the importance of a well designed, installed, and maintained outdoor lighting system.

There is a great amount of functionality, creativity, and understanding that comes with putting together a respectable outdoor lighting system. Jacksonville Outdoor Lights Contractor understands common mistakes and downfalls make a DIY project an option only for those who want to spend a lot of time and effort doing and redoing the work to get it right. Here is a list of common mistakes to consider before undertaking outdoor lighting solo.

  • Adding too many lights. Less is almost always more with outdoor lighting. The design should be minimal, but enough to make the home pop.
  • Adding too little lights. Not adding enough lights gives off the cheap dollar store lighting effect where beauty isn’t created enough.
  • Black holes. Leaving large areas open to darkness take away balance from something that should look cohesive.
  • Hot Spots. Utilizing existing garage lights, post lights and porch lights create hot spots of light that are good for security purposes but take away from the beauty of subtle outdoor lighting.
  • Lack of variety. Using different fixtures for different applications is a must! Each unique fixture should have a place and a purpose that works together to make one unified look.  String lighting is now designed to be durable. It along with rope lighting now can be incorporated into private outdoor living areas as well as for outdoor eating patios for restaurants.
  • Directional issues. Improperly aimed fixtures can be the difference between great and cumbersome. Blinding drivers, disturbing your neighbors or causing light pollution, should not be on your “wish list” for this project.
  • Uneven brightness. Without the best quality LEDs and fixtures, controlling light brightness and quality can be a real hassle. Only using the best products can ensure a much easier time with a much better outcome.

We can make sure these downfalls are none of your concern. We specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of the best outdoor lighting systems in the Jacksonville area. Our LEDs are groundbreaking in the industry and the fixtures are made of solid copper which are built to last a lifetime. We are the best in outdoor illumination all the while maintaining your systems year after year making sure you are never left in the dark.