A home and its accompanying property are probably the largest investment that an individual will make. And in order to realize an optimum price for the property of the first priority should be to maximize the homes’ curb appeal–this is accomplished when you properly stage home exteriors. NiteLites Outdoor Lighting of Columbus offers these helpful steps.

Clean Up the Yard

The first step is to clean up. This is often one of the least expensive yet most significant things you can do to improve the look of your home. Pick up the front yard, put away unused items such as lawn furniture, children’s toys, or other random items, and clean up the driveway.

Clean the Landscape

Second, clean the landscape that is seen upon entering the property. Cleaning the landscaping is a relatively easy step. Start by pruning trees and shrubs to enhance their beauty and to create the appearance of order for the property. Adding trees to the yard will create focal points. Tall shrubs can frame and accent interesting features of a house and yard, and conceal unsightly areas. New flowers in the foreground are a sure way to bring a yard to life.

Wash Exterior

Third, houses with siding or pressboard should be washed. This can be done by the homeowner if they can work safely from the ground or a ladder as long as they have experience using a pressure washer. Otherwise, it may be safer to hire a pressure washing service.


Fourth, if cleaning doesn’t revive the building’s exterior, a fresh coat of paint may be called for. Since painting can be expensive and time consuming, owners may want to consider painting just the trim.

Improve the Lawn

The fifth step in improving curb appeal is to address the front lawn. The front lawn carpets much of the front yard, so its condition is critical to how a house looks from the street. Start with regular mowing, raking, edging, weeding, and watering. If necessary, seed the thin areas, fertilize, de-thatch, or aerate it to get it looking great.

Create Focal Points

Sixth, create focal points by adding front yard gardens, small fences, arbors, and/or water features. This type of addition creates a distinct character, and visual interest to your front yard.

Improve Hardscapes

Seventh, the walkway and/or steps that lead to front door can do more than provide safe passage. They can set the tone for a home’s style. Brick, concrete, stone, or decorative pavers may be the choice. Lining the walkway with orderly low shrubs or blower will also create a positive impression.

Improve the Details

Eighth, small things can make a big difference. The mailbox, house numbers, hardware on the front door, front light, and potted plants on the porch all present a relatively inexpensive but high impact. Also, the front door to home should be in perfect shape. If it isn’t, either refinish or replace it.

Put Cars Away

The ninth step is to put cars in the garage. Many people use the garage as a storage room and park their cars in the driveway where they clutter the view of the house. It also can create the impression of disorder.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Last, but certainly not least, light the way. Outdoor lighting provides an effective way to highlight a home and its yard features in the evening hours. The front yard should have functional path and front porch lighting as well as accent lighting to help create dramatic effects. For custom lighting design with safe and reliable lighting fixtures use a professional outdoor lighting company. Their training and experience will help the homeowner to accent the best features of the house and property.

Our focus is to tastefully stage home exteriors with our outdoor lighting for both residential and commercial properties. We install high quality, energy efficient, specification grade low voltage fixtures and transformers which are manufactured to our exact specifications.