Due to light pollution, millions of baby sea turtles steer away from the ocean and onto land, leading them to their deaths every year. Along with other migratory birds, baby sea turtles use the moon’s light to navigate to the safety of the ocean. Outdoor lighting with certain color wavelengths disrupts this navigation, and the results are dreadful. Because of this, NiteLites uses Amber LED Outdoor Lighting that operates at a wavelength that doesn’t cause this disaster.

Turtle-safe AmberLED Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is important, even in unforgiving saltwater air along the coasts. We provide this solution so businesses and homeowners can enjoy the benefits without harming the wildlife around them. Lowcountry lighting has a particular aesthetic—a warm ambient glow that provides safety, security, and beauty to your property.

You might be concerned about the longevity of an outdoor lighting system around the coast, but we only use our own manufactured, solid brass fixtures that withstand even the harshest climates. Both coastal approved and eco-friendly, our systems withstand the test of time. Every LED we manufacture is specific for our fixtures, and we provide the best warranty because of it.

Amber LED Outdoor Lights

Matching our turtle-safe amber LED outdoor lighting options with our rugged line of fixtures, we provide the best outdoor lighting solutions on the market. Big box stores might be cheaper upfront, but they’ll only last a season, so you’ll be paying in the long run. NiteLites outdoor lighting contractors are the best in creating customized plans for every property, and the estimates are free—as well as contact-free for the safety of you and our staff. NiteLites has been around for over twenty years, so you know we’ll never leave you in the dark.