Would you seek to reduce light pollution more if you knew that more than 80% of the world’s population live under what is called “sky glow”?

The definition of sky glow, per National Geographic, is “…the brightening of the sky, mostly over urban areas, due to cars, streetlamps, offices, factories, outdoor advertising, and buildings, turning night into day for people who work and play long after sunset.”

Essentially, light pollution is causing problems for humans, wildlife, and the environment. For example, sky glow disturbs the (1) circadian rhythms of both humans and animals as well as (2) migration patterns and (3) habitat formation for animals.

According to National Geographic, a couple of things we can do to reduce light pollution include (1) making sure lights are properly shielded and (2) closing window blinds, shades, and curtains at night to keep light inside.

As for us at NiteLites, we have some additional best practices we’d like to share:

1. Custom Lighting Design

By using a professional outdoor lighting contractor (like us at NiteLites), you will receive a custom design that only illuminates key areas of your property and thus help avoid including unnecessary lights.

2. The Right Fixtures

Professional outdoor lighting contractors also exclusively carry adequately shielded fixtures which in turn reduces light pollution, too.

3. Technical Application

Experts in this industry know exactly how to install fixtures without any glare or uplighting into the sky. Additionally, we work with customers to adjust the warmth and wash of the lighting design to create the perfect effect without wasting or overusing light.

4. The Right Temperature

The kind of light that causes the damage previously mentioned to humans, wildlife, and the environment tends to be 4500K+. On the contrary, professional landscape LEDs like the ones offered at NiteLites, are 2700-3300K, which is much lower and emits a beautiful warm white color for architecture and landscapes.

Are you ready to make your home the gem of the neighborhood while ensuring the outdoor lighting you get installed helps reduce light pollution? Give us a call at 866-648-3548 or fill out a form on our website.

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