“One size fits all” doesn’t apply to outdoor lighting companies

Owner of NiteLites of Charleston, Mr. Randy Greenhill, freely admits that his local outdoor lighting business is not for everyone. After many years of perfecting the art of landscape lighting, and his position as a business owner, Randy understands how some clients can be a perfect fit and others may not be so compatible. Having such high-end products and services creates a high demand for projects both large and small. Mr. Greenhill accommodates a huge variety of sizes of projects for a vast array of clientele. Because of the type of business he runs, not everyone is a perfect fit for NiteLites.

NiteLites may not be a good fit for you if…

  1. You’re looking for the cheapest price. There are many working professionals out there selling “landscape lighting”. The issue with most landscapers or gardeners is that they sell big box store aluminum lighting that only lasts a season or two. With those kinds of inferior products they are able to offer lower prices up front. In the long run, NiteLites solid brass and copper fixtures last a lifetime and hold their value over time.
  2. You’re looking for a couple of lights or “solar lights”. NiteLites most certainly can do small jobs or break up the project into stages for budgeting and construction purposes. One thing they don’t want to do is install fewer lights than needed to make the over-all design look blotchy or incohesive. They could easily install one light to illuminate your flagpole, but it would be costly since every system, no matter the size, needs a transformer, a timer and wiring. Also, no solar technology is advanced enough to put out inexpensive products that are consistent in color and have anywhere near the longevity of a professional landscape lighting system. The big box store “solar” lights never give the results people want and therefore are just a pricey stepping-stone to realizing that a professional landscape lighting system is what they were picturing.
  3. You’re looking to have a cheaper source to maintain the lighting system they install. The fixtures themselves come with a lifetime warranty as long as the original purchaser resides at the residence. The warranty is immediately voided when the homeowner or another source attempts to service the system. You’d be sacrificing a huge amount of value you paid in getting the system installed by NiteLites just to have a “cheaper” source maintain them.
  4. You don’t have faith in the lighting designer or aren’t open to constructive design ideas for your property. Day in and day out Mr. Greenhill has been installing landscape lighting systems with exquisite designs for many years. Recommendations are key to getting the effect you want, but unless you understand how many lumens it takes to uplight a legacy oak, then leaving it to the professionals is a good idea. NiteLites is very open, honest and frank about the recommendations they give to clients. It is a great thing to collaborate and come up with a plan that works best for your vision, but trusting the experience of the lighting designer will make the project run smooth and efficient. In the end the lighting system of your dreams goes hand in hand with trusting the lighting designer to bring your vision into reality.

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