With the countless intricate details provided in manufacturer product specifications, it can be difficult to understand how certain lighting features matter in regard to lighting design. One key characteristic is how all our fixtures for outdoor lighting in Leawood are specification-grade high-quality LEDs. You may be asking yourself, ‘why does that matter?’ Well, here are five reasons why halogen lights are a thing of the past while LED fixtures are the modern-day norm.

LED Blubs/Modules:

  1. Are Energy Efficient and Cost Effective
    • LED lights generate energy savings of up to 75% compared to halogen.
  2. Are Built for the Long Haul
    • LED lights last 3-5 years, or up to 40,000 hours… thus having a positive impact on the environment since halogen lights contain mercury and are harder to dispose of after their short lifespan.
    • Our LED lights can withstand harsh weather conditions ranging from heat, cold, and shock.
    • Their unique design prevents overheating and sudden bust.
  3. Do Not Require Regular Maintenance
    • Because LED lights are built to last, the amount of maintenance is much less than that of halogen lights, which, in turn, saves you money over time.
  4. Have Dimmable Options
    • Most traditional outdoor lighting fixtures cannot be dimmed; this means that by adopting such sources of light, you are using up unnecessary energy and losing out on feeling completely comfortable in your space.
  5. Do Not Compromise on Quality to Maintain Efficiency
    • LED lights have a high CRI (color rendering index) that of which is comparable to natural warm light (incredible!) – unlike halogen lights. CRI is a measurement that showcases how well a light can reveal the actual color of objects.

Here at NiteLites Outdoor Lighting in Leawood, KS, we go the extra mile. Our LEDs are able to achieve their maximum lifespan because they are built around a heat sink specifically built for each NiteLites manufactured fixture. Not only that, but they are waterproof as well—with 1P67 or higher rating. On top of it all, we offer top-notch warranties to guarantee financial savings and optimal maintenance. We care about fixture protection and endurance. You can count on us for the best outdoor lighting service, because we’ll never leave you in the dark.