According to an article posted on, Outdoor Lighting ROI can add $2,500 or more to your home value. On average, you’ll see a 50% ROI following an outdoor lighting installation–depending on the type of fixtures and cost of the project(s).

Great ROI isn’t the only benefit of outdoor lighting, either. By taking on this kind of project, you’ll get money back down the line AND decrease your risk of being targeted by criminals, automatically boost curb appeal, and extend your time spent outside.

Better Homes and Gardens featured insights from Matt Ward, a Tennessee-based realtor from The Matt Ward Group, in a recent article. He was right when he stated, “Lighting has quickly become one of the most desired outdoor landscaping features for homebuyers.” Because of this fact alone, you should prioritize having *professionally installed* outdoor lighting (or making sure to get a retrofit done if your current system is older, aka entirely or mostly halogen powered).

There are countless unique options if you’re interested in hiring us for the job: architectural, deck & patio, landscape, marina & deck, path, paver, pond & fountain, pool area, security, step, and string lights. We’ve been around for 20+ years and aren’t going anywhere. We will never leave you in the dark.

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