NiteLites of Bluffton Outdoor Lights franchise owner, Robbie Eastland, worked with Matt Bader, owner of Full Circle Development, to complete an awe-inspiring commercial lighting project in downtown Bluffton.

Before NiteLites

Full Circle Development is a residential and commercial builder in the local Bluffton area. Matt Bader, President of Full Circle Development, recently set up a new office in a commercial building in downtown Bluffton. The first-floor tenant is Andes Rotisserie, a new local chicken restaurant. Mr. Bader explained that they were not happy with the lighting… so they called NiteLites for a free lighting consultation and design. The photo below shows the building before our professional commercial lighting application.

“I was building a new lowcountry style commercial building in downtown Bluffton, and I wasn’t thrilled with how the building looked at night with a few lights at the entry doors. So I called NiteLites Outdoor Lighting in Hilton Head & Bluffton one night at around 7 PM. Robbie picked up the phone and listened to my concerns. Robbie went out there the same night assessed the lighting options. He set up a meeting with me the next day, and we walked the project as he explained his ideas. We made a deal. Now my building looks spectacular at night. I am so pleased with his design work and installation of the accent lighting. My building looks 100% better. His lighting system made a huge difference. I could not be happier.”

Matt Bader
President of Full Circle Development

NiteLites has a very specific look and feel when it comes to the lowcountry aesthetic. Particularly with commercial properties like the one owned by Full Circle Development. Robbie Eastland knows the area well and has an expert knowledge of how to professionally illuminate a home or business without losing the low country spirit. His light fixtures are made of solid brass and copper and with their acid etched coatings, withstand even harsh coastal climates. Mr. Eastland’s lighting business provides the highest quality outdoor LEDs, which are specifically created for his fixtures for maximum life and light quality.

Commercial LED Outdoor Lighting is a huge opportunity, which increases the visibility of your business at night while also creating a safer and more secure property. Lighting also serves the practical purpose of lighting signage so guests can easily find a business. This amplified visibility regularly creates an instant positive impression. An outdoor lighting system also makes the business more visually stimulating and memorable, thus enhancing the branding efforts as well as being a continuous advertisement.

Commercial Lighting Applications

Neighborhood entryways, municipal projects, senior retirement centers, extended care facilities, medical complexes, hotels, clubhouses, pools areas, parks and bike trails, luxury homes, apartment complexes, neighborhoods, town homes and condominiums, restaurants, marinas, resorts, schools and colleges, retail businesses, shopping malls, warehouses and commercial storage facilities, patios and decks. Perimeters lit with flood lighting fixtures with motion sensors are vital to safety and security of commercial properties.