Robbie Eastland, owner of NiteLites of Hilton Head Outdoor Lights & Savannah works with many restaurants to provide lighting to attract new business and maintain the flare for existing customers. Being a restaurateur, you have to consider outdoor LED lighting as an investment in your space for both customer and employees alike. Choosing proper outdoor lighting for a new restaurant or upgrading an existing lighting system can be just as important as choosing the table setting or menu itself. Commercial lighting or industrial lighting for your venture is no longer just high output fluorescent lamps and bulky inefficient metal halide fixtures. Quality LED lighting will give an old restaurant storefront a bold new look. It will catch any potential customer’s eye and make them want to come in and check out your new eatery. Good lighting will provide the appearance of cleanliness and even safety to a potential customer.

The new festive LED lights recently installed by NiteLites of Hilton Head Island Outdoor Lights at Fishcamp on Broad Creek is a prime example. Brother in law to Robbie and partner of Kinghorn insurance referred Fishcamp at Broad Creek to be professionally illuminated by NiteLites of Hilton Head Landscape Lights. Owners of Fishcamp, Brendan and Jill Reilley, own a number of restaurants in the area and were very excited to open this location. This high-end seafood restaurant has both the customer and employee parking lots illuminated for beauty as well as safety. Using the technical application of their signature TK torch lights, the restaurant has both welcoming ambiance and flare.

Hilton Head Outdoor Lights

“The owners were very happy with the lighting and received many compliments. Because of the positive outcome, they have requested putting NiteLites lighting on another one of their restaurants. Even with the quick site planning, execution and last minute changes; they were pleased with the “end” result. I went back to the restaurant for a nighttime adjustment to make sure it was perfect, and they really appreciated that”.

Robbie Eastland, Owner of NiteLites of Hilton Head, Bluffton, & Savannah.

Installation of superior solid brass fixtures matched with cutting-edge LED technology has created breathtaking effects that leave not only the owners of Fishcamp on Broad Creek gratified, but also their patrons as well. This new ambiance now gives them the ability to enjoy their meals and drinks well into the evening hours.

NiteLites of Hilton Head Island Outdoor Lighting partners with landscape architects, HOAs, pool designers, and high-end builders to construct those beautiful outdoor living spaces. Illuminating businesses and other commercial properties will allow your business to be seen and increase safety and security for clients and employees.

With professional outdoor lighting, you extend the amount of time you or your patrons can spend outdoors. Hosting dinner parties with friends and family can go on well into the night without compromising safety or visibility. The beauty of outdoor lighting increases curb appeal and even the property value of your home or business.