NiteLites designed, manufactured, retrofit and installed custom aged brass step lights with low voltage LEDs to replace line voltage halogen lights that did not function properly.

When customers first shop around for outdoor lighting installations and outdoor lighting products, the first stop often isn’t the last. Finding a reliable and reputable lighting designer in Bluffton may take a somewhat sophisticated shopper. Some contractors will make a lot of guarantees with their lighting products, but the fact still remains that only a true Bluffton outdoor lighting contractor will know the best application and solution to all of your lighting needs.  Most home and business owners don’t want to become experts in outdoor lighting engineering, lighting design, and installation. The best option is to check a lighting business’s reputation on Google Business, Yelp, Facebook, Porch, Houzz, the Better Business Bureau and other building contractor social media sites is a good way to protect your time and money.  Find a business with a good track record and avoid the costs of poor quality work.

Lighting designers at NiteLites of Hilton Head and Bluffton Outdoor Lights, see subpar work that needs repaired or replaced all the time. The issue is the lack of expertise and quality light fixtures and lighting accessories.  We recommend contacting NiteLites before a big project so we can design a comprehensive plan beforehand.  Working with the professionals in order to get your projects done correctly the first time is alway an excellent way to go.

Work that needed repair
After retrofit and custom plates

On one such recent job, our lighting designers found a need for the customer to have custom step lights fabricated and to retrofit with the NiteLites brand line of innovative LEDs, crafted specifically for each fixture and application. The existing 110V line voltage system was converted to an energy saving 12V low voltage LED system. This produced an energy savings of nearly 90%.

The custom step lights were laser cut brass plates with frosted glass and a classic aged brass acid etching. The 2W (3,000 kelvin) LEDs were made to have a life of 40,000 hours and were expertly designed by the NiteLites LED engineer team. The custom step lights were configured in with the landscape lighting system so all the lights on the property matched in color and were activated on an astronomical timer. These wall lights were replaced and the steps are now lit with a reliable light with an top quality light source.  With the project now complete, these owners are now satisfied NiteLites customers.