Phase one of the Cummer Museum lighting project of Art and Gardens features outdoor lighting designed and installed by NiteLites of Jacksonville Outdoor Lighting Company. The area, which focuses on the restoration of the Olmstead Gardens, overlooks the Saint Johns River, and is beautifully lit by this Jacksonville business which provides energy efficient architectural lighting, path lighting, and landscape lighting, as well as the signage lighting. The project smartly utilized NiteLites energy efficient LED modules in all fixtures. Phase two, projected to be completed in September, will feature the renovation and beautification of the Riverside Avenue part of the museum’s campus.

NiteLites of Jacksonville Lighting designs its LEDs from the inside out, with focus on heat management. Without this heat diffusing technology outdoor LEDs fail very quickly. LED lighting is 75% more efficient than traditional systems, lasting up to 40,000 hours. NiteLites sustainable, environmentally friendly LEDs provide a major reduction of carbon footprints, which has led to a rapidly growing customer demand. NiteLites of Jacksonville Professional Outdoor Lighting Design is meeting this demand and offers their commercial clients the best in LED products for optimal energy savings. The Cummer Museum Lighting project is one commercial project in which the lighting is used artistically to provide both form and function, security and beautification.

NiteLites partners with property managers, developers, high-end builders, hoteliers, restaurateurs, landscape architects, architects, and landscape designers who recognize the value of our comprehensive lighting systems and services. To learn more about this Jacksonville outdoor lighting company, or to schedule a free outdoor lighting consultation, call 904-779-9020, or visit online at